Fanyuan Administrative Service Center Introduction

The far administrative service center is a brand new for enterprise provide third party administrative outsourcing services agency) we will help the company devotes to the enterprise with professional medical) business) education) lease) tourism service) outside of packages for enterprise to provide professional services to companies to create more standardized and extensive service to help platform.
Through to the service content integration) make enterprise administrative management more simplicity) bill management more regulations.

ShangDong health and medical treatment

Regular physical body can regularly for potential disease hidden trouble) can achieve "early prevention) early detection and early diagnosis and early treatment") effectively avoid the happening of the disease and development.

ShangDong exhibition and conference

1)   exhibition services: meeting meeting and festival celebrations opening ceremony) the anniversary celebration ceremony;
2)   the enterprise annual meeting advertising: sales promotion product companies with the customer DaXieHui business investigation, all kinds of new product launch, ZhaoShangHui &equipment, etc.;

ShangDong education and training services

1)   for the enterprises and institutions to provide the latest fiscal policy practice training and planning and business development;
2)   through financial personnel training to upgrade enterprise or business the unit of their own ability, reduce the tax related risk, through the business development for the enterprise to solve difficult problems comprehensive, make enterprise in the competitive society can positive development) and stronger and more powerful;

ShangDong lease and to meet

1)   including the airport, railway stations, hotels and transport services;
2)   according to the customer's request to the vehicle mark logo;
3)   provide for the customer to rent the car and short rent services for customers to elastic choice!

ShangDong tourism and hotel

We provide hotel reservation and tourism planning services
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