About us
Fanyuan finance and tax service has a high quality the staff team, among them, a number of certified public accountants, many certified tax agents, many lawyers and other dozens of senior tax, auditing, finance, industry and commerce, personnel and the legal profession.

Our service:

The far for enterprise to provide one-stop fiscal taxation, auditing, finance, industry and commerce, human resources and legal services. In China's accounting and tax law changes constantly under complex conditions, we use our professional service for enterprise customers effectively evade tax risk, tax savings lower taxes, to guarantee our customers heart operation, easy in the face of various supervision and inspection. And at the same time we fulfill ethics, conservative enterprise business secret, and with the power of the team to ensure the continuity of the customer service.

From the beginning of establishment of up, the tax is following "comprehensive" and "trend" principle:

Comprehensive: far from the fiscal and taxation tax, accounting, industry and commerce, personnel and the law from multiple perspectives, such as the provision of advice to clients and planning services. The far through the integration of its various professional company technical force, to provide comprehensive service, avoid attend to one thing really for the operation of the business activities with a solid "firewall".

Trend: we provide is not only theory and operation scheme for customer actual operation and we carry out our scheme content. Due to our solid the practice operation ability, we have many times with the "big four" in the competition, win the customer's favor.

Shanghai the tax service organizations far was founded in September 2003, has developed a comprehensive finance and tax service provider, the core members enterprise include:

1)   Shanghai Fanyuan Investment Management Co., LTD
2)   Shanghai Jing Ding Human Resources Co., LTD
3)   Shanghai Caishui financial consulting Co., LTD
4)   Shanghai Hui Mao Law Firm Co., LTD
5)   Shanghai Fanyuan Imited Co., LTD
6)   Shanghai HuaJu certified public accountants Co., LTD

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